How Prolotherapy Injections Are Revolutionizing Joint Pain Treatment

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The prevalence of joint pain among adults in the United States is on the rise — arthritis alone affects more than 52 million people and experts predict that this number will climb over 78 million by 2040.


At Regenerative Medical Group, our team specializes in regenerative medicine, which is a branch of modern medicine that focuses on rejuvenating, replacing, and regenerating tissues and organs. We understand that the human body has an incredibly powerful ability to heal itself from within and our goal is to create an environment that fosters this ability. And one of our more successful therapies in this regard, especially when it comes to joint pain, is prolotherapy.


Here’s a look at how prolotherapy injections are revolutionizing the way we approach and remedy joint pain.

A guide to prolotherapy

Prolotherapy, which is short for proliferative therapy, is a technique in which we inject your injured tissue with a safe agent, such as dextrose, to create a healing response.


As we mentioned, your body does a fantastic job of healing itself, but sometimes your body’s response isn’t strong enough to heal your tissues in a timely manner, leaving you with ongoing problems with painful joints. Through prolotherapy, we “trick” your body into beefing up its healing response by introducing a foreign substance into the connective tissues within your joint, namely your tendons and ligaments.


When your body registers the injection and the “foreign” agent, it jumps into action and ramps up its production of collagen, which is the protein responsible for the structural support in your tissue. Through renewed collagen production, your tendons and ligaments rebuild and restrengthen themselves from within, allowing you to avoid more invasive solutions such as surgery or joint replacement.


In addition to the ramped-up collagen production, prolotherapy also calls upon other healing resources inside your body, such as your Regenerative cells, which aid in the rebuilding and repair of your damaged tissue.


As part of our prolotherapy, we also offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which introduce a platelet concentrate into your painful joints. These platelets release growth factors that create the ultimate healing environment, allowing the connective tissues inside your joint to repair themselves on a cellular level.


Prolotherapy in practice

Since prolotherapy is a minimally invasive approach to musculoskeletal pain, we use the technique to help our patients resolve any number of issues that stem from:


The bottom line is that prolotherapy is a great way to encourage your body to heal from within, giving you longer-lasting results that provide you with pain-free mobility.


To learn more about how prolotherapy can help resolve your joint pain, contact one of our four locations in Garden Grove or Orange, California; Kirkland, Washington or request an appointment online.

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