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Regenerative Medical Group, located in Orange, California is a medical practice that combines osteopathic and allopathic (conventional) medicine. The physicians, pharmacists, and nurses at Regenerative Medical Group use conventional treatments to deal quickly with symptoms of common ailments. Regenerative Medical Group also takes an osteopathic approach that focuses on health promotion.


The "Care Team" at Regenerative Medical Group offers therapies that have been proven by medical research worldwide and by current, accurate, and authoritative data to be effective. Regenerative Medical Group individualizes the therapies to meet patients’ needs and monitor patients after they complete their therapies to ensure positive outcomes. The services provided include innovative regenerative therapies like prolotherapy, musculoskeletal injection (MSK), and intravenous (IV) infusion therapy, in addition to primary care.


Regenerative medicine is an area of modern medicine that has the potential to rejuvenate, replace, and regenerate tissues and organs. The human body has the ability to heal itself and fight illnesses through its immune system. Regenerative Medical Group offers affordable health care solutions and healing that comes from within.


Regenerative Medical Group also has a brain-computer interface (BCI) set up that provides facilities for Brain Training, Physical Rehabilitation, and Virtual Rehabilitation. These therapies can help improve brain connectivity, gross and fine motor skills, and balance. Patients benefit by becoming more independent in their daily lives.


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