About PharmD

The team of Clinical Pharmacists at Regenerative Medical Group (RMG) works in collaboration with other members of our healthcare team while applying their knowledge of the scientific and clinical uses of medications to provide optimal patient care. This includes medication dosing, side effects, and drug interactions. They have significant experience and clinical knowledge in the safety and effective use of drugs for our patients.

PharmD team

Our Clinical Pharmacists team ensures that the medications prescribed to patients by our prescribers are the best possible options for their specific health improvements and that they address the intended medical problems. RMG’s Clinical Pharmacists have received training in many healthcare environments and the patient care privileges that are granted by Physicians have allowed them the medication decision-making functions as one of the patients’ health care providers. The frequent interactions with Physicians and other health professionals on a regular basis have improved our patient care with better coordination.

RMG provides a specific medication centered service through the practice of Medication Therapy Management (MTM) with our Clinical Pharmacists. MTM is a process where Pharmacists meet individually with patients to explain or adjust their medication plan. MTMs focus on the prescribed medications for our patients including the related reactions and side effect profiles, the intended effects of the medications for the specific conditions and reiterations on proper directions when needed. By providing the patients with information about their disease(s), necessary adjustments of medications, and giving alternative treatments if necessary, the one-on-one consultations greatly benefit our patients. Medication management assists our patients in optimizing their medication therapy to promote wellness and healthy living. 

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