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We have recently launched a Pain Relief Program that focuses on acute pain management for our patients. We diagnose the pain source then develop a safe pain control plan with the goal of short and long-term relief.

Our process is rooted in proven clinical methods. We ask you to describe your pain then give us a timeline of what you have done to treat your pain and the results of that treatment.

The treating physician will determine if there are complications as well as other illnesses (co-morbidities) that will impact healing. The next step is often to determine the stage of the injury or disease process.

Pain is often the reason patients seek medical intervention. Halting pain is accomplished simply by stopping the nerve from sending a signal to your brain that it hurts. This is commonly done to give adequate time for additional information to be compiled so physicians can determine which diagnosis is the most likely. This then guides physicians on the direction of best therapies.

There are almost always some basic questions such as what is right for this patient, what has gone wrong, and how can it be fixed? Each patient can have similar pain but with substantially different causes and with widely varying consequences. To simply block pain is rarely enough. It is advised to determine the cause and the severity of the pain, so the treatment is focused on what is best for each patient.

We complement this basic approach with an advanced physical examination, diagnostic testing, and review of prior medical records to create a document called clinical guidance.

Each therapy is explained, and each plan usually includes multiple types of therapies. Many patients have multiple types of pain which need to be sorted out, explained, and controlled.

Our team of clinicians, with expertise in multiple specialties, are trained to help patients with pain and chronic care management. We are committed to keeping abreast of the best available care for our patients.

Both in-person and virtual consultations are welcome. To schedule your appointment, please click here or call 714-639-4013.


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