IV Infusion Therapy

Intravenous infusion from RMG is more than just fluid administration for American epidemic dehydration.  It supports and helps treat many of your health conditions, something straightforward like chronic fatigue or a cold to something

more serious like liver, kidney, or autoimmune diseases.

We provide an alternative for the Emergency Department for patients to receive their hydration, vitamins, nutrition and medications through IV therapy. 


We provide what is called a “H&H Solution” and other IV regimens.

“Happy and Healthy” or “H&H” is a proprietary IV of RMG.  It is a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other IV nutritional ingredients.

H&H Solution is the base for most of RMG IVs.  It can help you with a variety of immediate and long term health conditions.  Depending on your health goals and coexisting conditions, our doctors customize the H&H Solution with other therapeutic additives to meet your needs.

Our pharmacists research and evaluate IV ingredients based on Han’s Rating.  They are rated with a 5 star system, one point for fulfilling each of 4 criteria: 1) 2 or more quality studies, 2) Quality of the studies (1 pt for RCT), 3) Conclusiveness (all studies agree or conflict) and 4) Effectiveness (the consensus from the scientific community)

We also offer DIND (drug induced nutrition deficiency) IV as part of the Clinical Synopsis to help correct deficiencies from medication regimens.

Some of our IV infusions are

  • Cancer Support IV

  • Detox IV

  • Gut Health IV

  • Healthy Brain Support IV

  • Immune Boost IV

  • IV for Pain and Inflammation

  • Kidney Support IV

  • Lung Health IV

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