Cancer Support Program

“The number of cancer survivors continues to grow, yet highquality, coordinated survivorship care is still infrequent”

— experts from the National Academies of
Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

According to the American Cancer Society, there are over 15.5 million Americans living with Cancer.

The Institute of Medicine warned that many survivors were “lost in transition” and weren't getting adequate follow-up care. 

This program began because we have had the privilege to meet and help patients that have been told “there is nothing else we can do”. This statement is usually NOT true.

For help, please contact us at 888-288-8834 

Our first patient was 76-year-old, the father living in Las Vegas.  His son is a regular patient who lives in Orange, CA.  The father had prostate cancer and was told to go home, notify his family and get his things in order there was no more they could do.  He arrived in despair with his son – we began with a basic thorough evaluation after which he was treated for malnutrition, depression, metastatic cancer and serious osteoarthritis.  He died 6 years later at 82 of a heart problem – once we turned him around; he danced at least once a week, smiled often and whistled all the time, had a skip in his step and hope in his heart. What a difference!  His attitude helped us learn to help him and want to help others.


This scenario has played out with similar circumstances -100’s of times since and we are all better people because these patients helped us develop a program rooted in respect, hope and laughter. We are still taking advantage of many compassionate great minds from all walks of life to help patients in dire situations.  It is a blessing.


This is not magic – in part it is hard work, time – lots of research and tons of patience and respectful education.  We keep an open mind and open heart.

We would like to help you or those you love. 

Goal of our Program is to help you manage your health and wellness throughout all the stages of cancer therapy, recovery and beyond. 

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