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In some cases, you may reach a treatment impasse — which means you’re not getting any better with your current approach. That’s when you should consider a consult at Regenerative Medical Group. During consults, the team evaluates your disease, condition, or health challenges to determine whether a hybrid osteopathic, allopathic (traditional medicine), or regenerative medicine approach could help you heal. There are locations in Garden Grove and Orange, California, and Kirkland, Washington, so call the one near you or use the online scheduler to book an appointment.

Consults Q & A

What are consults?

A medical consult is typically a request from one medical care provider to another. Your current medical care provider — a primary care doctor, pain management specialist, psychologist, or some other type of professional — may request a consultation with Regenerative Medical Group to determine the best path forward for your treatment. 

Alternatively, you might request a consult yourself, particularly if your current doctor can’t give you the answers and care you need. 

Are consults and referrals the same thing?

No. A referral means that your medical care provider sends you to Regenerative Medical Group, where the team takes over the treatment of at least one specific medical problem from there. 

In some cases, a referral results in ongoing care, while in other cases, it's limited to a series of treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, IV infusion therapy, reality rehabilitation, or Brain Training

With a consult, you're having an assessment but not necessarily changing your original medical care provider. But, in many cases, a consult could end with you making Regenerative Medical Group your primary care provider. 

The treatment plan that works best for you is what dictates which medical provider you see for annual physical exams and other routine treatments in the future. 

How do I prepare for consults?

Preparing for consults depends on exactly why you're seeing the medical care team. It's important to get plenty of rest and dress comfortably for your appointment. 

You might need to temporarily stop certain medications, fast, or change your diet if you're having lab testing as part of your medical assessment. 

The Regenerative Medical Group team communicates with you ahead of time regarding any preparation measures you need to take. 

What happens during consults?

During a consultation at Regenerative Medical Group, the team does all of the following.

  • Reviews your medical history
  • Performs a thorough physical exam
  • Discusses your concerns and health goals
  • Discusses your previous treatment approaches
  • Recommends a new course of treatment

Every consult at Regenerative Medical Group may be a little different because the team focuses on what makes your case unique. 

What can I expect after consults?

After your consultation, the team shares their conclusions and treatment recommendations with your referring provider, if applicable. 

In many cases, patients decide to start a new treatment plan after talking with both their previous medical specialists and the Regenerative Medical Group team.

Book your consultation by calling Regenerative Medical Group or using online scheduling.