Intramuscular (IM) Injection

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When you need the maximum benefit of your medication quickly, an intramuscular injection is a great delivery option. At Regenerative Medical Group, with locations in Garden Grove and Orange, California, and Kirkland, Washington, the dedicated team of integrative health experts offers intramuscular injections on-site for your convenience. Book an appointment online or call the office in your area today.

Intramuscular (IM) Injection Q & A

What is an intramuscular injection?

An intramuscular injection is a quick-delivery method for medication in which your medical care provider delivers the drug directly into your muscle. 

Medical professionals administer many common immunizations, such as the influenza vaccine (flu shot), through intramuscular injection. Insulin therapy is also possible through intramuscular injection. 

Less commonly, some adults with chronic conditions administer their own intramuscular injections for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. 

What are the benefits of intramuscular injections?

Intramuscular injections have some significant benefits, including: 


An intramuscular injection takes a matter of seconds in the Regenerative Medical Group office.

Virtually painless

With the small needle and expert injection placement, intramuscular injections are a quick stick that's almost painless when performed by a trained medical professional.

Quick absorption

Your muscles have a rich blood supply, which helps you assimilate the drug rapidly. Also, your muscles can absorb medication more effectively than fatty tissue. 

Full medication absorption

Intramuscular injection places the drug directly into your body, skipping the digestive process that oral medication goes through. When you take a drug orally, you can lose a large amount of it during digestion, but with intramuscular injections, you get the full benefit of the drug.

Subcutaneous (fatty tissue) injection and intravenous infusions both have significant benefits as well. Different drugs may work best with different injection methods, so Regenerative Medical Group matches your injection method to the situation. 

What part of the body do intramuscular injections go into?

It can vary with the particular medication. In general, the most common injection sites include the upper arm, mid-thigh, hip, and buttocks. In some cases, the injection site can also vary with the patient's particular physical needs. 

What can I expect after intramuscular injections?

Serious side-effects are rare after intramuscular injections. You might have some redness, swelling, and soreness at the site of the injection, but in most cases, this resolves in only a day or two. 

It's very rare for injection side-effects to disrupt your life in any serious way; most patients resume their regular routine right away after the injection.

Learn more about intramuscular injections and how they can benefit your life by calling the Regenerative Medical Group office or clicking the online appointment maker.