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Reality rehabilitation uses computer programs and immersive games to both identify problems that are affecting your physical function and to address those problems. If you’re looking for somewhere that specializes in advanced techniques like Brain Training and reality rehabilitation, Bryn J. Henderson DO, JD. FACPE, CIME, and his team at Regenerative Medical Group Garden Grove and Orange, California, and Kirkland, Washington, are experts in delivering these safe, noninvasive therapies. Call Regenerative Medical Group today to find out more or book an appointment online.

Reality Rehabilitation Q & A

What is reality rehabilitation?

Reality rehabilitation is one of the methods used in the brain-computer interface (BCI) suite at Regenerative Medical Group. It involves taking part in training using a computer-aided device that measures your body’s movements.

Reality rehabilitation helps you with your regular body movements, encourages you to engage with your body, and in many cases, improves your balance as well. 

The computer program helps you to develop control of the fine and gross motor skills. It motivates you by giving reward-based encouragement at each level.

Reality rehabilitation is especially useful for elderly and injured patients.

How does reality rehabilitation work?

Reality rehabilitation involves the use of a robotic sensory device on which you rest your arms. You then play games by manipulating the robotic armrests. The robotic device sends back data to a high-powered computer that analyzes the movements you’re making. 

Using this system, your provider can identify which of your movements are weakest and instances where you’re intending to make a specific movement and end up moving differently. 

The resulting information enables your provider to better tailor your rehabilitation to target areas that are holding you back.

Does reality rehabilitation involve virtual reality technology?

Virtual reality (VR) technology can help with rehabilitation in several ways. For instance, the games you play using the robotic armrests have VR versions in which you wear a headpiece over your eyes.

The headpiece inserts you into the game world, so you feel like you’re taking part in the game, not just guiding it from outside. This form of VR rehabilitation has many applications and can help with therapies for problems affecting all areas of your body.

What are the benefits of reality rehabilitation?

Regular sessions of reality rehabilitation can help your brain learn new ways of using your arms when you’ve had a stroke or similar issue that’s affecting your ability to use your hands and arms.

Strokes commonly affect the ability to function on one side of the body. Reality rehabilitation helps to train your brain so that it makes new connections, meaning you can regain your lost function.

Reality rehabilitation is safe, noninvasive, and drug-free. The risk of adverse reactions is minimal.

To find out if you’d be a suitable candidate for reality rehabilitation, call Regenerative Medicine Group today or book an appointment online.