Tendonitis: How does it affect you?

Tendonitis (also called tendinitis or tendinopathy) is an irritated or inflamed tendon.It commonly happens in the elbow, knee, shoulder, hip, Achilles tendon and base of the thumb.

What causes tendinitis?

Tendinitis can be caused by a sudden injury. But repeating the same movement over time is a much more likely cause. Most people develop tendinitis because their jobs or hobbies involve motions that they repeat, over and over. 

Symptoms of tendonitis

The main symptoms of tendonitis are:

Types of tendonitis

Common types of these tendon problems include:

How is tendonitis treated?

The condition often gets better with rest, but treatment may be needed if the pain persists. The best treatment will depend on which tendon is affected.

Treatment may include:

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